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Our Mission at SCJ

Our mission at SCJ Fiduciary Services is to continuously be a steward of employee ownership. By doing so, it will result in increased employee production, profitability, and wealth, in addition to establishing an employer legacy.

How We Started

SCJ Fiduciary Services was founded in Louisville, KY in 2008 by the principal owner, Stephen James. Steve has served as a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for many companies, most recently Mortenson Family Dental (2003-2019). With a combination of his extensive knowledge of Group Dental Practices and the implementation of ESOP, Steve helped Mortenson become one of the largest and fastest growing dental groups in America. During his time at Mortenson, he realized that his true passion was Employee Ownership and resigned in 2019 to focus 100% of his efforts towards implementing ESOPs in 100+, and counting, businesses.

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